Menu last updated on September 29, 2020



Noodle Bar Toronto is open for lunch from Tuesday to Friday, 12 – 3 pm, and for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, 5 – 10 pm. To make a reservation, book here.

Here’s what we’re doing to keep our employees and guests safe.


Shiitake Bun — hoisin, scallion, cucumber 5
Pork Belly Bun — hoisin, scallion, cucumber 5
Chicken Chorizo Bun — pineapple, onion, jalapeño 5
Chili Chicken Bun — ghost pepper, iceberg lettuce, sweet pickles 5
RAMEN noodles with broth
Pork Ramen — belly, fish cake, scallion, egg 16
Potato Ramen — kale, black truffle, fennel 14
TSUKEMEN noodles for dipping
Spicy Pork Noodles — smoked oil, kampyo, coconut dipping sauce 15
MAZEMEN noodles without broth
Spicy Lamb Noodles — slow cooked lamb leg, shepherd pepper, xinjiang spices 18
Ginger Scallion Noodles — pickled mushroom, cucumber, cabbage 14
(Add Katsu +5)
(Add Chilled Shrimp +6)
Very Extremely Spicy Noodles — sichuan chili, zha chi, scallion 14
(Add Katsu +5)
(Add Chilled Shrimp +6)
Fried Calamari — buttermilk, citrus mayo, tingly salt 14
Okonomiyaki — chili, scallion, flying fish roe 8
Red Dragon Rice Cakes — gouchujang, chili, sesame, scallion 11
Chili Chicken Rice Cakes — sichuan chili, tofu, scallion 15
Korean Fried Chicken — garlic, chili, ginger, scallion 55
Citrus Pie — yuzu, lemon, lime 7
Chocolate Sundae — dark chocolate fudge, ice cream, wild blueberry preserve 12
Toasted Jasmine Soft Serve Ice Cream — jasmine rice, rice pearls 5.5
Hot Cocoa Soft Serve Ice Cream — chocolate, coffee, ancho 5.5


Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade — raspberry syrup, limon, soda 7
Ginger Beer, Great Jamaican, 250ml 5.5
Sparkling Water, S. Pellegrino, Italy, 750ml 7
Still Water, Acqua Panna, Italy, 750ml 7
Non-alcoholic, Heineken ‘0%’, NDL, 330ml 7
Aperol Spritz — aperol, soda, prosecco, 5oz 15
Corpse Reviver No. 2 — gin, cointreau, lillet, limon, absinthe wash, 2.25oz 15
Final Cut — tequila, green chartreuse, maraschino, limon, 2.25oz 18
Campfire Old Fashioned — bourbon, lapsang souchong, maple, peychaud’s bitters, 2oz 18
Whisky Highball — japanese whisky, soda, 1.5oz 15
New York Sour — scotch, limon, ginger, carménère, 2.25oz 12
Pilsner, Tooth and Nail Brewing Co. ‘Vim and Vigor, Ottawa, Ontario 10
Pale Ale, Blood Brothers ‘The Inner Eye’, Toronto, Ontario 10
Peach Ale, Oast House x Momofuku ‘Peach House’, Niagara, Ontario 10
Pilsner-ish, Blood Brothers ‘Trans Human State’, 355ml 11
Pale Ale, Bellwoods Brewery ‘Jutsu’, Toronto, Ontario, 473ml 14
IPA, Matron ‘Janky’, Bloomfield, Ontario, 355ml 11
Saison, Godspeed ‘Yuzu’, Toronto, Ontario, 355ml 11
Junmai, Miyasaka ‘Okuden Kanzukuri’, Nagano, Japan, 4oz/500ml 15 | 61
Nama, Izumi ‘Nama Nama’, Toronto, Ontario, 4oz/500ml 14 | 65
Ruby Grapefruit Spritz, Ramona, Italy, 8.4oz can 14
5oz | 750ml
Glera, Bisol ‘Jeio’, Valdobbiandene, Italy 15 | 68
Chardonnay, Baud, Cremant du Jura, Jura, France 85
WHITE WINE 5oz | 750ml
Pinot Grigio, Fidora, Venezia, Italy, 2019 15 | 75
Riesling, Organized Crime, Beamsville Bench, Niagara, Ontario, 2017  65
Sauvignon Blanc, Ant Moore, Marlborough, New Zealand, 2019 75
Sylvaner, Chasselas + Friends, Binner ‘L’ Edel’, Alsace, France, 2017 80
Loureiro, Aphros, Vinho Verde, Lima, Portugal, 2018 85
Chardonnay, Closson Chase, Prince Edward County, Ontario, 2017 90
Greco di Tufo, Fonzone, Campania, Italy, 2017 100
Gruner Veltliner, Muller Thurgau + Friends, Nestarec ‘Bel’, Moravia, Czech Republic, 2017 (1L) 100
Bobal, Dominio de Punctum ‘Norte Sur’, La Mancha, Spain, 2019 60
Montepulciano, Tiberio, Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, Abruzzo, Italy, 2018 80
RED WINE 5oz | 750ml
Carménère, Koyle, Colchagua Valley, Chile, 2016 14 | 60
Malbec, Decero, Mendoza, Argentina, 2017 68
Corvina + Friends, Speri, Valpolicella Classico, Veneto, Italy, 2018  78
Blaufränkisch, Meinklang, Burgenland, Austria, 2018 85
Gamay, Clos de la Roilette ‘Fleurie’, Beaujolais, France, 2018 95
Cabernet Sauvignon, Foxglove, Paso Robles, California, USA, 2018 95
Pinot Noir, Stanners ‘The Narrow Rows’, Prince Edward County, Ontario, 2017 98
Nebbiolo, Elio Grasso ‘Gavarini’, Piedmont, Italy, 2017 110



Large Format Fried Chicken – Reservations must be made with 24 hours minimum notice. Please reserve here.

Pricing of items may vary between restaurants due to differences in purveyors.