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menu changes daily | last updated 05/26/17

Napa Kimchi Jar  7
White Kimchi Jar  6
Inari (LauRay Farm, ON) – raw beef, steak spice, shiso leaf, egg yolk  6

Pork Buns (Kunan Farm, ON) – hoisin, scallion, cucumber  10
Shiitake Buns – hoisin, scallion, cucumber  9
BBQ Pork Buns (Kunan Farm, ON) – korean bbq sauce, slaw, pickle  10
Chicken Meatball Buns – iceberg, ssam sauce, smoked pickle  10

Pork Ramen (Kunan Farm, ON) – pork belly + shoulder, fish cake, egg  16
Chicken Tan Tan Ramen (Harriston Co-op, ON) – sesame, chili, scallion, egg  14
Potato Dashi Ramen – sour cream, chive, japanese yam, pea leaf  14
Spring Lamb Tsukemen – xian spices, roasted shoulder, scallion  18
Pepper Noodle – beef sausage, green sichuan pepper, chili, scallion  15
Very Extremely Spicy Noodle (add katsu $4)  – sichuan chili, zha chi, scallion  13
Ginger Scallion Noodle (add katsu $4) – shiitake, cucumber, cabbage  14

Roasted Rice Cake – red chili, onion, sesame  11
Fried Cauliflower – ramen seasoning, wild leek ranch  12
Okonomiyaki Cheese Burger – lettuce pickles, fried egg, japanese bbq  14

Caviar & Fried Chicken (Harriston Co-op, ON)  75
acadian sturgeon caviar, southern fried half bird, saikyo cream cheese, leaf lettuce

Large Format Fried Chicken – reservations must be made with 24 hours minimum notice

Pricing of items may vary between restaurants due to differences in purveyors.

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