Feasts at Home


Parties of 2-4 | 125

The Bo Ssäm features a pork shoulder that we cure overnight, then slow roast for 6–8 hours before glazing with brown sugar and roasting juices. It comes with white rice, Bibb lettuce, kimchi, seafood pancake, and ginger scallion sauce.


Parties of 4-6 | 150

The Fried Chicken meal includes two whole fried chickens, one Southern-style and one Korean-style, and it comes with scallion pancakes, ginger scallion sauce, pickled daikon radish, bibb lettuce, herbs, and tabasco salt. 


Parties of 4-6 | 500*

Two chickens are fried whole, carved, and then paired with Acadian Sturgeon Caviar (125g) and Smoked Arctic Char Roe (125g). It comes with chive crepes, white miso cured cream cheese, cucumbers, and scallions.

*Please note this item requires 48 hours in advance to pre-order.


Parties of 2 | 75

Assemble your Belly Bo Ssäm kit which includes thinly sliced pork belly pieces. Enjoy them as-is or pan-seared at home, depending on your preference. Wrap it up in bibb lettuce or perilla leaves, and top with assorted pickles like chayote, chili, garlic, and marinated perilla. There’s also Napa kimchi, ssamjang sauce, roe vinaigrette, steamed rice, and smoked char roe from Quinault Indian Nation Fishery.