At this time, Momofuku Toronto is open for takeout and delivery only.

We look forward to hosting you again soon when current Toronto public health dining restrictions have been lifted.

Shiitake Bun – hoisin, scallion, cucumber  6
Pork Belly Bun – hoisin, scallion, cucumber  7
Shrimp Bun – spicy mayo, pickled onion, iceberg  9
BBQ Pork Bun – korean bbq sauce, sweet pickle, iceberg  6

RAMEN noodles with broth
Pork Ramen – pork belly, fish cake, scallion, soft egg  18
Chicken Tan Tan Ramen – sesame, chili, scallion, soft egg  17

MAZEMEN noodles without broth
Ginger Scallion Noodles – pickled mushroom, cucumber, cabbage, wakame  16
add on: Add Katsu  +7
Extremely Spicy Noodles – sichuan chili, zha chi, scallion  15
add on: Add Katsu  +7 

Napa Kimchi  10
White Kimchi  10
Fried Brussels Sprouts – fish sauce, yuzu, chili, mint  12
Red Dragon Rice Cakes — gochujang, chili, sesame, scallion  13
Korokke – pulled pork croquette, Japanese curry, pickles 13
Korean Fried Chicken – korean bbq sauce, sesame, scallion  60