Shiitake Bun – hoisin, scallion, cucumber   6
Eggplant Katsu Bun – mala mayo, scallion, cucumber, chili   6
Pork Belly Bun – hoisin, scallion, cucumber   7
Chili Chicken Bun – fried chicken, pickled jalapeño, iceberg   7
Shrimp Bun – spicy mayo, pickled onion, iceberg   9
RAMEN noodles with broth    
Pork Ramen – pork belly, scallion, soft egg, chili oil   18
Chicken Ramen – smoked confit chicken, charred corn, scallion   18
MAZEMEN noodles without broth    
Ginger Scallion Noodles – pickled mushroom, cucumber, cabbage, wakame   16
add on: Add Chicken Katsu  +7    
Extremely Spicy Noodles – sichuan chili, zha chi, scallion   17
add on: Add Chicken Katsu  +7    
Red Kimchi   10
Red Dragon Rice Cakes – bibim sauce, scallion, sesame   14
Chicken Wings – pickles, tingly salt, lemon   21
Spicy Rice Cakes   16
(est. sep 25, 2012) a popular item from daishō’s opening menu and throughout its tenure. daishō was one of the four original restaurants that opened in toronto in 2012. this dish is based on popular rice cake dishes found in korea. our version was served with rice cakes seared on the plancha and tossed in a sauce with pork sausage, tofu, sichuan chili, gai lan, and finished with scallions.    
Okonomiyaki   14
(est. apr 5, 2013) a popular savory japanese pancake originating from osaka, japan. our version includes white kimchi mixed in with mashed yam and is topped with katsuobushi, kewpie mayo, hoisin, furikake, and pickled jalapeño. a fan favorite to share!    
Truffle Ramen   35
(est. nov 21, 2017) we have had the honour of working with many purveyors throughout the years and we have created many dishes that featured the black truffles from wanda (@whitetrufflestoronto). this was our second noodle dish to highlight the aromatic, earthy, and nutty flavours of black truffles. served with a slice of chashu, a soft egg, bamboo shoots, and scallions.    
Cereal Milk Soft Serve   7
add on: cereal crunch  +1.50    
Confetti Cookie   5
Cornflake Chocolate-Chip Marshmallow Cookie   5
Compost Cookie   5
Corn Cookie   5
B’day Truffles (3-pk)   9.50
Milk Bar Pie Slice   9.50
6” Birthday Cake   84


Yuzu Soda – tanqueray, yuzu, soda, 2oz   16
Lady Grey – tito’s, cointreau, earl grey, honey, lemon, 2oz   16
Quick Fix – chopin, lillet, luxardo maraschino, lemon, absinthe wash, 2.25oz   16
Lion’s Tail – four roses, allspice dram, lime, bitters, 2.5oz   16
Passion Fruit Margarita – espolon, malibu, lime, coconut salt, 2oz   18
Don Martinez – havana club, dolin rouge, luxardo maraschino, bitters, 3oz   14
Peach Ale, Oast House x Momofuku, Niagara, Ontario, 14oz   10
Pilsner, Bellwoods ‘Bellweiser’, Toronto, Ontario, 14oz   8
IPA, Merit ‘Young Rival’, Hamilton, Ontario, 14oz   10
Lager, Great Lakes Brewing, Etobicoke, Ontario, 473ml   8
Rice Lager, Rorschach ‘Super Dry’, Toronto, Ontario, 355ml   10
Pale Ale, Blood Brothers ‘Blood Light’, Toronto, Ontario, 355ml   9
IPA, Momofuku x Blood Brothers ‘Tiny IPA’, Toronto, Ontario, 355ml   10
Sour x Gewürztraminer, Burdock ‘Vurt’, Toronto, Ontario, 375ml   21
Glera, Fidora ‘Prosecco Brut’, Veneto, ITA, NV, 150ml   15
Riesling, Lighthall Vineyards, Prince Edward County, CAN, 2021, 150ml   16
Trebbiano, Tiberio, Abruzzo, ITA, 2021, 150ml   15
Gamay + Pinot Noir, Pearl Morissette ‘Primesautier’, Niagara, CAN, 2021, 150ml   16
*Nerello Mascalese, Camarda, Sicily, ITA, 2016, 150ml   17
* Cellar Pours – wines with an asterisk symbol denote limited pours from the momofuku cellar- rare, delicious, unique, and priced to sell    
Junmai, Momofuku x Izumi, Toronto, Ontario, 187ml   23
Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Club Soda, 355ml   3
Sparkling Yuzu Lemonade   7
Ginger Beer, Fever Tree, 200ml   6.5
Alcohol-Free Beer, Free Spirit ‘Adventure IPA’, Toronto, Ontario, 355ml   6
Sparkling Water, San Pellegrino, 750ml   7