menu changes daily | last updated 03/13/2020

– coconut rum, cynar, lime, pineapple, 2oz  18
All Good Things – gin, sake, ginger, cucumber, celery, 2oz  18
Blanc de Blancs
– gin, affino, cocchi americano, 3oz  16
Bubbles For Your Troubles – vodka, campari, grapefruit, prosecco, 3oz  16
Midori – bourbon, tequila, green tea, agave, 2oz  16
Concrete Jungle – rum, rye, fernet, pineapple, 2.25oz  16

Whisky Highball – japanese whisky, soda, lemon, 1.5oz 15

LARGE FORMAT COCKTAILS (minimum 3 people)
Dark + Stormy – rum, ginger beer, lime, 8oz  45
Long Island Iced Tea
– vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, coke, 12oz  48

Peach Ale, Oast House x Momofuku ‘Peach House’, Niagara, Ontario  10
Blonde Lager, Great Lakes Brewery, Etobicoke, Ontario  10
Pale Ale, Blood Brothers ‘Blood Light’, Toronto, Ontario  10
Pilsner, Tooth and Nail Brewing Co. ‘Vim and Vigor’, Ottawa, Ontario 10

Lager, Tiger, Singapore, 330ml  8
Lager, Burdock Brewery ‘Rice Lager’, Toronto, Ontario, 355ml  12
Pale Ale, Bellwoods Brewery ‘Jutsu’, Toronto, Ontario, 473ml  18
Saison, Godspeed ‘Yuzu’, Toronto, Ontario, 355ml   9
IPA, Matron Fine Beer ‘Janky’, Bloomfield, Ontario, 355ml  10
APA, East Bound Brewing Co ‘Sasquatch’, Toronto, Ontario,  355ml  9

Apple + Cherry Cider, Collective Arts, Hamilton, Ontario, 355ml  9
Apple Cider, West Avenue ‘Heritage Dry’, Hamilton, Ontario, 473ml  12

Nama, Izumi ‘Nama Nama’, Toronto, Ontario, 120ml/500ml  14/60
Junmai, Miyasaka ‘Okuden Kanzukuri’, Nigano, Japan, 120ml/500ml  15/65
Nigori, Izumi ‘Nigorizake’, Toronto, Ontario, 375ml bottle  49

WINE (4oz/500ml)
Sparkling, mv, Prosecco, Bisol ‘Jeio’, Valdobbiadene, Italy  14
White, 2017, Riesling, Organized Crime, Beamsville Bench, Canada 12/41
White, 2018, Pinot Grigio, Fidora, Veneto, Italy 12/41
Red, 2018, Small Lot Gamay, Malivoire, Beamsville Bench, Canada  12/41
Red, 2017, Malbec, Decero, Mendoza, Argentina  14/49

Ruby Grapefruit Spritz, Ramona, Italy, 8.4oz can 14

Cran-Blossom – sake, cranberry, orange blossom,  120ml/335ml  8/14

Alma + Gil
‘Sandra’– hibiscus kombucha, 325ml bottle  10
Iced Green
– cold brew sencha, 355ml glass  5
Sparkling Cranberry – cranberry syrup, soda, 355ml glass  5
Coke / Diet Coke / Ginger Ale / Sprite / Club Soda355ml can  3.5
Non- Alcoholic, Pilsner, Krombacher ‘Alkoholfrei’, Germany, 355ml can  8