menu changes daily | last updated 12/12/2019

Shiitake Buns – hoisin, scallion, cucumber  10
BBQ Pork Buns – korean bbq sauce, sweet pickle, iceberg 12
Chicken Chorizo Buns – tomato, onion, jalapeno  12
Katsu Sando – wagyu beef tartare, shokupan toast, potato salad  18
Truffle Cured Foie Gras – fried bun, apple jam, miso  22

RAMEN noodles with broth
Pork Ramen – belly, fish cake, scallion, soft egg  16
Pumpkin Ramen – kanpyo, cheese, scallion pesto  15
Chicken Ramen – miso, bonito, sesame, scallion  15
Truffle Ramen – maple roasted belly, scallion, egg  30/50

MAZEMEN noodles without broth
Wagyu Pepper Noodles – wagyu beef sausage, green sichuan pepper, chili, scallion, fried egg  18
Extremely Spicy Noodles – sichuan chili, zha chi, scallion  14
(add chicken katsu  +5 / shrimp  +8)
Ginger Scallion Noodles – pickled mushroom, cucumber, cabbage  14
(add chicken katsu  +5 / shrimp  +8)

BC Scallop – raw, fried, chili, apple  16
Soy Cured Shrimp – chili, crispy rice, egg yolk  15
Kalettes – baby kale, kimchi vinaigrette, fresh pear  10
Chili Chicken Rice Cakes – sichuan chili, tofu, scallion  15

Citrus Meringue Pie – yuzu, lemon, lime  7
Toasted Jasmine Soft Serve Ice Cream – jasmine rice, raw sugar, rice pearls  5.5
Hot Cocoa Soft Serve Ice Cream – chocolate, coffee, ancho  5.5


Fried Chicken and Caviar – half a chicken fried southern style and served with ginger cured chum salmon roe, miso cream cheese, chive crepes, and sweet pickles  45


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