(est. sep 25, 2012) a popular item from daishō’s opening menu and throughout its tenure. daishō was one of the four original restaurants that opened in toronto in 2012. this dish is based on popular rice cake dishes found in korea. our version was served with rice cakes seared on the plancha and tossed with a sauce with pork sausage, tofu, sichuan chili, gai lan, and finished with scallions.


(est. apr 5, 2013) a popular savory japanese pancake originating from osaka, japan. our version includes white kimchi mixed in with mashed yam and is topped with katsuobushi, kewpie mayo, hoisin, furikake, and pickled jalapeño. a fan favorite to share!


(est. nov 21, 2017) we have had the honour of working with many purveyors throughout the years and we have created many dishes that featured the black truffles from wanda (@whitetrufflestoronto). this was our second noodle dish to highlight the aromatic, earthy, and nutty flavours of black truffles. served with a slice of chashu, a soft egg, bamboo shoots, and scallions.