Thank you

To our Toronto community,

Thank you.

Thanks for embracing us over the past 10 years. Thanks to the incredible suppliers who have brought the bounty of Ontario to our restaurant. Thanks to the locals who came every week and the folks who made a special trip to visit us. And above all, thanks to the Momofuku Toronto team members past and present who made this corner of the Momoverse such a special one.

Momofuku Toronto was unlike anything we had ever done when we opened 10 years ago. Coming from the cramped confines of New York restaurants, this glass cube felt like a dream. True to the spirit of Momofuku, it became a site of constant evolution and experimentation. Our cocktail bar Nikai became an extension of Noodle Bar. Shoto and Daisho closed and Kōjin took over the space. Through it all, we learned so much.

Toronto will always have a place in our hearts. What started as an import from New York became a distinctly Canadian restaurant. Over the past decade, we got to work with the best of the best in Ontario: getting wild leeks from Jim Giggie, collaborating on a Momofuku beer with Oast House, sourcing the best produce from 100KM foods and Country Boys. We are so lucky to have called Toronto home.

Our team has been at the heart of everything we’ve done. We’re so proud of former team members who have gone on to open their own restaurants and we’re so lucky to have had so many team members stay on over the past few months since we announced the closure. It’s a testament to their care for the restaurant and the culture they’ve built. We are immensely grateful to all the folks who have made Momofuku a part of their story in Toronto. The legacy of Momofuku Toronto will live on through you.

While Momofuku Toronto is closing, it’s not the end of Momofuku’s story in Canada. Momofuku Goods, our line of pantry products, is now available for shipping in Canada. We hope to have more to say in the future but for now we’ll end the way we started: thank you for everything.

Marguerite Mariscal
CEO, Momofuku

Please reach out to with any questions.